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Зарубежная недвижимость и путешествия



About us

World Travel Invest Company specializes in providing of excellent and superior services for buying and selling real estate, different types of investments in Austria, Germany, Cyprus, Lithuania, Finland, Switzerland, Seychelles, Phu Quoc island and in Uruguay.

We consider the freedom of choice and movement one of the greatest achievements of mankind. The mission of World Travel Invest's is to provide all interested persons with practical help and assistance for the buying of real estate or business in the country, integrated support for investment projects in real estate, and immigration issues. The quality of services, saving time and efforts of the client and confidentiality are the main principles of the World Travel Invest.

Our company employs professionals with years of experience in real estate transactions for which the solution of non-standard tasks is daily job. Despite the fact that every specialist is responsible for its direction, World Travel Invest is friendly team of professionals sharing common values of life and working in close contact.

Your partner in Russia

If you'd like to find a business partner in Russia who would be able to send you Russian buyers contact us. If your property is located in the country which is not mentioned in our list, do not hesitate to contact us. We have partners who sell properties in many countries.

Our services include creating all kind of marketing materials for your properties to sell them at the Russian buyers market; promotion of your properties to Russian buyers and/or real estate agents; related to sales correspondence and documents translation; etc. - whatever needed for your particular properties and circumstances.
Using our services you will not need to waste lot of time and means browsing the internet and investing a lot in different kind of advertising tools, in order to find agencies in Russia or CIS that could be interested in selling foreign real estate, or at least are capable to do it.

Information presented in Russian language is not only translated but also adapted to Russian clients for more attractiveness. We provide Russian buyers with the most comprehensive, accurate, and valuable information about your property.
We will present your international property to Russian Buyers without language barriers on our website, Russian real estate portals, co-brokers in Russia, real estate shows in Russia, advertising in Russian Media.

We are happy to be your business partner in Russia.

Our Business Philosophy

World Travel Invest wishes to reiterate a few specific ethical points in which we believe and which we implement in business environment.
We consider our clients with respect.  We believe in fair profit and not in other type of arrangements leading to a one off commercial relationship.
In all our ventures, as much as possible, we try to develop a win win situation, where all parties can agree and have a good feeling about the agreement.
Our team believes in a high ethic of conducting business and in the long term approach with the clients.


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